Our products ensure long-term use thanks to materials like Aluminum, Iroko Wood, Luxio Cord Outdoor Rope, and HPL compact.
  • 32 DNS Sponge 32 DNS Sponge
    The strongest and longest lasting detail of the strongest designs, 32 Dns Sponge. We have added aesthetics to our products with strong details using Terazzi IROKO Wood, which we use in our R&D studies with first-class imported materials.
    HPL Laminate coating has become increasingly popular thanks to people who care about its durability and safety. HPL is a decorative laminate type produced by pressing impregnated decorative and kraft papers into plates, which can be produced in various sizes and on different surfaces. It also has physical properties such as fire resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance, and is also known as thermoset resin impregnated paper high pressure laminated sheet. It is antibacterial and hygienic, easy to install and practical to use. It is also aesthetic in appearance. It does not require maintenance, carbon emissions are at the lowest level, and is decorative. It is not affected by moisture and does not rot. It is suitable for use in humid areas. It is quite resistant to temperature. It is more resistant and stronger than plastic materials.
  • Luxio Cord Outdoor Rope Luxio Cord Outdoor Rope
    Luxio Cord outdoor rope produced specifically for Terazzi are strong, break-resistant and resistant to all weather conditions. Our products are completely hand knitted. Our Luxio Cord outdoor ropes are anti-bacterial, odor-free and fireproof. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and can be used easily in sunny areas. It is easily washable. It has soft texture, tensile strength, fade and stain resistance. We blend our quality, durable and long-lasting ropes with aluminum and wood and offer you stylish designs.You can access washing and flame resistance videos by clicking here.
  • Waterproof Outdoor Fabric Waterproof Outdoor Fabric
    The strongest and longest-lasting detail of the strongest designs, our fabrics. We have added aesthetics to our products with strong details using Terazzi Fabric, which we use in our R&D studies with first-class imported materials.
  • Iroko Wood Iroko Wood
    Iroco Tree, the African representative of the world-famous Teak Tree family, has been a sought-after material in difficult conditions such as maritime for many years, thanks to its long-lasting strength and durability in outdoor use. Carefully selected trees, dried under suitable conditions for a long time, are impregnated and made ready for processing. Wood, which has a lifespan of at least 60 years under maritime conditions, will warm you with its warmth in your garden or on your balcony. It is possible to extend the life of your product made of Iroco wood by periodically performing very simple maintenance.
  • Aluminum Aluminum
    Aluminum is a prominent material in garden furniture with its durable structure and rust-proof nature. Special electrostatic powder paint used on exterior surfaces is preferred for its adaptability to all weather conditions and long-term use. Unique to Terazzi, the sharpness of all aluminum is rounded and the corner points are bent.
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