Features of Iroko Groups in Wooden Garden and Balcony Furniture
What is the Iroko Tree?

The Iroko tree originates from Africa and grows in the African rain forests. Teak is one of the most commonly used trees in furniture, with its high resistance to rain, sun and moisture. It is used in its natural form in furniture, as it does not accept dye. Thanks to its durability for many years, it can be your first choice in garden furniture.

What are the differences between the Iroko tree and other trees?

Since the Iroko tree grows in water in the African rainforest, it is water resistant and thus can be used for many years compared to other trees. It can also be used in boats, yachts and ships thanks to its water resistance, which distinguishes it from other trees. Iroko wood, which has a yellowish color when it is first processed, turns brown when it comes into contact with oxygen. With its solid structure, it does not crack when it comes into contact with water.

Pioneering of Iroko Tree in Furniture

Iroko is the favorite of wooden sets with its naturalness, elegance and suitability for all weather conditions! The tree shaped in its natural state does not become deformed after drying. It will add a different elegance to your garden, home and balcony with its natural color and long-lasting quality! It is resistant to decay and insects with its unique color, hardness, oiliness and durability. It does not pose a health threat since it has no odor and is resistant to pests.

How to Clean Iroko Tree?

Cleaning the Iroko tree is just as simple. After wiping the area that collects dust with a damp cloth, you can remove moisture with a dry cloth and leave it to dry in the sun. Do not expose to harsh chemicals! Do not dye products made of Iroko wood! Paint damages and rots natural wood.
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