What is Aluminum Garden and Balcony Furniture?
What is Aluminum?

Aluminum, a light and soft material, is resistant to rust with its silvery color and the substance it contains. Aluminum, used in many branches of industry, is the most preferred metal in furniture thanks to its resistance to rust and sun. It does not pose a threat to your health due to the substance it contains. Aluminum, which can take any shape with its strength feature, can be used for many years thanks to its lightness and durability.

What are the Differences Between Aluminum and Iron?

Although aluminum and iron, the two most used materials in the field of production, often cause confusion in their choices, they are very different materials. The substances contained in the two have completely different properties in terms of weight, life against rust and health. While aluminum does not rust even if it is exposed to water for many years, iron rusts immediately if it is not protected at the first hit of water. Thanks to the lightness of aluminum, one person can easily lift and move it alone, whereas iron requires help from someone due to its weight.

While iron becomes unusable after rusting, aluminum can be used comfortably for many years. Aluminum does not smell or mold, but iron creates an odor after it molds, which harms health.

What Causes Color Differences in Aluminum?

Aluminum is passed through fine details until it takes its final shape, and powder paint is applied to its surface via electro-static application. Pure silver aluminum will add elegance to your home, garden and balcony with different colors thanks to these paints. Electrostatic aluminum is 100% resistant to rust. Painted areas are resistant to sun and rain. These paints are resistant to color fading and bleeding and do not pose a health threat. You can use it with peace of mind because it does not smell or mold.

How to Clean Aluminum?

Aluminum, which is resistant to all weather conditions, is also very simple to clean. It is sufficient to gently wipe the dust and stain areas with soapy water. Substances containing high chemicals should not be used. No matter how durable aluminum is, it can still be damaged because there are substances that damage every metal. Since cleaning is simple, the material to be used can also be simple.
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