What is Rope Knitted Garden Furniture?
What Are Rope Knitted Furniture Made From?

Luxio Cord Outdoor ropes, specially produced for our company, add elegance and long-term use to furniture with their resistance to breaking and adaptability to all weather conditions. Luxio Cord Outdoor ropes are knitted entirely by hand. Our ropes are anti-bacterial, do not cause odor, protect your health and do not harm you. You are safe with our fireproof rope knitted furniture. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and can be used easily in sunny areas. Thanks to the special coating on the rope, the ropes are water repellent and can be easily washed. It has soft texture, tensile strength, fade and stain resistance. We blend our quality, durable and long-lasting ropes with aluminum and wood and offer you stylish designs.

What is the skeleton of rope-knitted furniture made of?

Our sets, which are hand-knitted with rope on an aluminum frame, can be moved easily with their lightness, and you can make different designs whenever you want. The magnificent combination of the stainless feature of aluminum and Luxio Cord Outdoor rope creates sets that can be used for many years.

How to Clean Yarn Knitted Sets?

Another feature of Luxio Cord Outdoor ropes is that they can be cleaned easily. You can easily wash it with highly chemical-free soapy water or gently wipe it with a damp cloth. You can let the threads, which dry very quickly, dry naturally by leaving them in the sun. Due to the sensitive structure of the ropes, it is recommended not to use different chemicals.

How Should We Protect Rope Knitted Furniture?

Although Luxio Cord Outdoor ropes have water-repellent properties, it is recommended to protect them from constant water and sun. It should not be exposed to harsh chemicals during the cleaning phase. It is recommended to cover it when not in use to protect it from sun and rain.
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