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Argos Aluminum Cappuccino Sitting Group

Defying time with its cubic form design, Argos Seating Group will accompany your pleasant moments for many years while combining the durability provided by aluminum and Luxio Cord Outdoor Rope with 4 - season outdoor weather conditions. While Argos Living Group offers different color and weaving options, it can be preferred either with Ireko Wood high coffee tableor HPL Compact low coffee table.

Product Collection

Argos Collection

Product features

- Argos Seating Group One Seater

  • W : 80cm
  • L : 75cm
  • H : 65cm

- Argos Seating Group Triple Seater

  • W : 80cm
  • L : 195cm
  • H : 65cm

- Argos Seating Group Coffe Table

  • W : 80cm
  • L : 140cm
  • H : 65cm

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